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Q.        Who is our new caretaker and how do I contact him?

A.         Darin Schaedel joined us as caretaker in January.  Please welcome him when you see him around the grounds.  Click here for more information.

Q.        Are there forms needed to get permission to do cottage renovations?

A.         Yes. Work notification forms are required for renovations/contractor information and are found on our website here.  Major work is allowed only during the off-season, between mid-September and mid-June. Read page 11 “Construction” in the Rules and Regulations dated September 2021 (found here) for more information.  

Q.        What do I need to do if I want to let someone else use my cottage?

A.         If you have anyone other than an immediate family member stay at your cottage without a member present, an unaccompanied guest form (found here) must be completed two weeks before your guest visits. 

Q.        How do I submit information for The Spray?

A.         Send all news and information to by Tuesday of the week in which you want it to appear.  


Q.        How do I change my information in the Membership Directory?

A.         Email your request to

Q.        I would love to volunteer with a PFLA committee and/or serve on the Board. How do I go about getting more information to do that?

A.         Email your request to


Q.        I want to memorialize someone on a bench in the Memorial Garden. How do I do that?

A.         Applications are found on the website here.  Follow the instructions on the form.


Q.        What are the rules at the beach? How do I find out when the Tea Room is open? When are church services scheduled and who will lead them?

A.         For up-to-date information on questions for: Beach, click here; for the Tea Room, click here; for the church service schedule, click here.


Q.        How do I get more information about specific events at PF?

A.         Visit the calendar on the ‘for members’ tab on our website (found here).


Q.        What do I need to do if I want to host a private event on PF grounds? 

A.         Complete the Facilities Request form (found here) and send it to with as much notice as possible. It will be sent to the Hospitality Committee which will confirm there are no calendar conflicts and confirm with the member.

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