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Membership Meetings

PF's annual membership meeting is held at the end of June. Regular business includes action needed on proposed changes to governing documents, presentation and adoption of the budget, presentation of reports from the standing committees of the Association and more. As needs arise, special membership meetings may be scheduled. Regular board meetings are held virtually throughout the off-season.

Board of Directors


PFLA's Board of Directors are all volunteers selected by the membership in June. Directors serve in a three-year rotation. Meetings of the board are held monthly. All members are welcome to attend, and an email is sent prior to each meeting with date/time/location.


Paradise Falls committees include:

  • Beach & Recreation

  • Communications

  • Community Relations

  • Environmental

  • Finance

  • Hunting & Fishing

  • Tea Room

  • Membership

  • Long Range Planning

  • Property

  • Religious Activities


Most committees are chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and all association members are encouraged to participate. 

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