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Hiking trails in Paradise Falls stretch across most of our 400 acres and encompass all of our different environments--streams and lakes, pine groves and mountain laurels. Most of the trails are low impact and are suitable for hiking or jogging. Strong sneakers or light boots are recommended as there are rocks and other obstacles. Poison ivy is present on some trails but is usually sparse. As with the rest of the Poconos, ticks are present and hikers should check themselves and their pets after every hike.


The trails are great for dog walking but please pick up after your dog.  Also please keep your dog on a leash as there are other dog walkers and, more importantly, large wildlife that can hurt your pet (deer, bears, coyotes, etc.)

The trails are maintained by volunteers, and trails are in need of being re-cleared all the time.  If you would like to volunteer to adopt a trail, or would like to work with other volunteers to help maintain a trail, contact Pete Sollberger at

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Updated April 2022

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