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Community Events - 2023

Each year, our members and friends return excitedly to PFLA in part for the sense of community fostered over the decades and the chance to be together again at the Beach, the Center, Social Hall and the Falls. 

Community Events Archives

Please welcome our new caretaker Darin Schaedel, center in the photo, who joined PFLA in January.  His complete bio can be found in FAQs on the For Members page. His assistant (left) is his son, Jonas. The two are often helped by Property Chair Mark Knaus.


One year ago, PFLA was in the midst of its 100th-anniversary celebration; the Association buzzed with near-constant activity. As we moved back into our normal sleepy summertime mode this June, we still found time to gather as a community, celebrating each other and the natural beauty that is Paradise Falls.

Garlic Mustard Pull1_edited.jpg

Our pre-season events included the annual Garlic Mustard Pull, which has turned into a friendly competition. Plant Pull 2023 yielded almost 500 pounds of the insidious Garlic Mustard plant being hauled to the shale pit. Much of it came from Summit Drive.


Congratulations to this year’s winners of tasty Tea Room treats!

3rd place: Linford Werkheiser

1st place tie: Walt Sollberger and Bob Bell


Team winners

3rd place: Team Woodward

2nd place: Team Miriam and Kurt

1st place: Team Golden Girls (Liz and Dayle) at a whopping 147 pounds!

More pre-season events

This year’s CROP Hunger Walk was held on June 3. Thank you to Mary for organizing this important fundraiser and to all those who walked and donated!


Last fall, members of the garden club were busy planting close to 1000 bulbs around PF common areas, which yielded flowery results this spring.


The Tea Room opened for a few evenings in June, where our ice cream cravings were met in grand style.

Opening Day!

The Members’ Annual Meeting was held on June 24, when a new slate of Board members was voted in, followed that evening by the Annual Picnic.


This year, the feast was moved into Social Hall as rainstorms threatened. Members and friends enjoyed hot dogs, burgers (and for the first time, veggie burgers) grilled by the intrepid members of Bill’s Grill Crew.

Fourth of July weekend found yogis at the beach, kids at the beach, and everyone at the beach for the annual Duck Races! The annual PF Olympics were also held that day—where everyone was a winner!


Our community was shattered on July 15, when an unexpected tragedy took Cameron Olson's life on the field next to the Tea Room as he waved to passing vehicles from his favorite spot.  


Cam was a cherished member of PFLA—a young man of 26 whose light shone brightly as he interacted with all who crossed his path. He loved being in his lawn chair, waving at everyone, sharing his trademark grin and two-fingered peace sign. That spirit of friendliness and love will be his lasting legacy.


A memorial service was held at the Beach on July 29 and attended by more than 100 friends and family who celebrated his life and the joy he brought to all of us.  Cameron's ashes will now forever be part of the PFLA Memorial garden

Almost two months later, a public town hall meeting was held in Social Hall with Paradise Township officials, State Senator Rosemary Brown, representatives of the Pennsylvania State Troopers, and PennDOT. The link to the Zoom recording of the meeting may be found here.


The investigation into Cameron’s death is ongoing at the time of this publication, and ways to control speeding and dangerous driving are being explored. 

Band Concert at PF!  On Sunday, July 30, PFers were treated to an old-fashioned concert by the Trinity Centennial Band in Social Hall. The event was well attended and much appreciated, with whooping and rhythmic clapping as the band played medleys from our country’s musical past. If you missed the concert, you can enjoy highlights in this video. 

If you were walking along Beach Road near the Grimm cottage on August 4, you witnessed a strange, yet fascinating, operation. Thanks to a Local Share Authority Grant received in 2021, Paradise Falls has undertaken a stream improvement project to improve the habitat for our fish and other stream creatures, birds, and insects.


In mid-2021, PFLA was awarded this LSA grant of more than $100,000 over three years by Paradise Township to finish repairing the dam and to perform a planned stream remediation project.  Read all about how the fish were “shocked,” scooped up, and weighed and measured here: under What is Electroshock Surveying?

PF’s Tea Room continues to provide sweets and icy treats all summer long. And we find not only edible treats there, but also companionship as we put together a few puzzles, play some foosball, and make sundaes to enjoy with new friends. Nearby, at the Rec Hall Field, informal games, such as this August kickball matchup, attract players of all ages.

The Beach Pavilion was the scene of several Sunday worship services, a pizza dinner, and a summer party featuring the fabulous cover band Whiskey Logic and a food truck from the Frogtown Chophouse.

      Our end-of-season tradition of candles on the lake continued on Labor Day Sunday, and some of us snuck in a last day or two at the beach or a walk to the Falls.

      As always, the day after Labor Day, as if a switch has been flipped, the air begins to cool and leaves to change.

      And thank you, Pete, for all you do for PF, even pulling in the rope marker at the beach on Labor Day. 

Farewell 2023 season … ’til we meet again.

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