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Membership Work Notification & Permit

  1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN WORKING ON THIS FORM, scroll down and review the information required to complete it as you will not be able to save a draft of the form to be completed at a later time.

  2. Once you have all information in hand, complete this form and when finished click the "Submit application" button at bottom of the last page of the form to alert PFLA:

    • Anytime you have an outside contractor on the property – this form will serve to let the caretaker and property committee know who is doing the work and their insurance and business information.

    • Anytime there is an external project work and work requiring a township permit (defined by Paradise Township as " homes, additions, renovations that alter the footprint or roofline of any structure, well/septic systems, accessory structures like storage sheds and detached garages, porches, decks and pools” All such work (including plans and/or blueprints) must be approved by the PFLA Board of Directors after submitting this permit.

  3. Construction cannot start until this form and the written plans are reviewed by the Property Committee & Board of Directors.

  4. Except on Emergency basis, no construction is to be done during the summer season.

Member Information

Project Information

Type of Work

Contractor & Permit Information

Is a permit required by Paradise Township?

Once you submit this application, you will receive an email confirmation but your application information will not be included.  If you wish to retain a copy of this form, be sure to print it here from your browser or save it as a PDF before you click the "Submit application" button.  You will be contacted once the Property Committee has reviewed your application.

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