Paradise Falls Lutheran Association traces its roots to a group of dedicated Lutherans intent on creating a wooded haven for rest and rejuvenation.

This year, we celebrate their vision and foresight, the traditions of our ten decades, and the evolution of our community as we move into its next 100 years.

Read on to find out more about what we've got planned for the year (hint: every week celebrates a decade since our founding) and how you can get involved.

How you can be a part of our 100th Anniversary celebration!

Schedule for 2022 (as of Sept. 1, 2021)

May 28 (Memorial Day Weekend)  Breakfast Celebration; Anniversary Quilt display; 2022 Christmas ornaments and note cards available in the Tea Room; distribute pamphlet with anniversary activities

June 25  (1920s)  Opening Weekend

July 2  (1930s)  Beach Games/Boat Parade; Sports Tournaments begin

July 9  (1940s)  Lunch Celebration -- food trucks; Sports Tournaments end

July 16  (1950s)

July 23  (1960s)  The Newspaper Taxis Band or Live Music

July 30  (1970s)  Pizza @ Falls & BonFire in Rec Hall Field (Rain Date: Aug 6th)

Aug. 6  (1980s)  Movie Night at the Beach

Aug. 13  (1990s)  Talent Show & Mens' Fashion Show

Aug. 20  (2000s)  100th Anniversary Dinner Celebration

Aug. 27  (2010s)

Sept. 3  (2020s/Birthday Party)  Slides & Sing-Along/Birthday Cake Celebration

Because "many hands make light work," and because it's fun to join in, we want YOU to participate. Email for more information.


To sign up to help out with specific events, visit the information/sign-up sheet here.

To order your special PFLA Christmas ornament (2021 edition), use the order form found here.