Beach & Recreation

Members of the Beach & Recreation Committee carefully researched ways to keep everyone safe during the summer of 2020, and are grateful to members and friends for following their guidelines throughout the season, including practicing social distancing and cleaning shared equipment and toys.


Lifeguards were on duty on weekends this year. We are always looking for certified lifeguards. Please email with recommendations for the 2021 season.

Swimming to the Raft
  • The one-to-one buddy system is strictly enforced, i.e., swim to the raft in groups of two.

  • During the summer of 2020, we limited swimmers on the raft to four at a time. Please check on the rules prior to swimming to the raft.

Swimming Tests​
  • Everyone under the age of 16 must take a swimming test monitored by the lifeguard in order to swim past the ropes.

  • To go past the rope to midway between two buoys - swim two laps and tread water for 30 seconds.

  • To go past the rope to the raft - swim five laps and tread water for 60 seconds.

  • The test must be taken every year until the child is 16.

  • If the swimmer touches the ground, the test must be retaken.

  • No swimmies, noodles, tubes or other flotation devices may be used while taking the test

The No’s
  • No diving allowed from either dock or raft

  • No swimming outside of the marked swim area

  • No boats in the swimming area

  • No smoking

  • No drinking alcoholic beverages or anything from glass bottles

  • No dogs on the beach

  • No putting sand in the lake or throwing sand

  • No using the large life preservers for play – they are for emergencies only


The Yes’s​
  • Put beach chairs, toys, noodles, tubes and all other objects away when you go home each day

  • Chairs go in the slots in the shed, rafts and tubes go behind the shed, toys go in buckets on the beach and noodles go under the lifeguard stand

  • Fill in the holes you or your kids dug before you leave for the day

  • Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated

  • Have FUN!

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